Three Domains of Well-Ageing

In a previous JansenFit blog post we discussed how, from a physiological perspective, body, mind and spirit are tri-unified; that is, none of the three exists independently of the other two, and the fact that the physiological mechanisms supporting each individually and all-three together are inextricably intertwined.  In this article, we explore the implications of triunity as it relates to our wellness strategies.

The triunity of our health and wellness refers to the fact that the whole of who we are is far more than the sum of body, mind and spirit; absent any one of the three, we do not exist at all – not, at least, on this three-dimensional plane! This triunity of our being dictates the strategies we must employ to achieve our goals, and to truly honor and respect our bodies, minds and spirits. In our triunity lies the answer to the “what” & “how” questions regarding our health and wellness practices.

Our overarching strategy must focus on three domains of well-ageing practice. These domains are: Nutrition, Activity, and Restoration. Put into action terms, that means we must have strategies that nourish, exercise, and restore our bodies, minds and spirits.

Just as the triunity of wellness is a model of mutual interdependency, so are the three domains of well-ageing mutually reinforcing, interdependent and synergistic. For example, nourishment is required to fuel movement, which is requisite to good sleep, which is needed to start the cycle all over again…

This series of posts on the three domains of well-ageing examines holistic strategies for:

·      Nourishing – Body, Mind and Spirit

·      Exercising – Body, Mind and Spirit

·      Restoring – Body, Mind and Spirit

beginning today, with “Nourishing our Bodies”.

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