Workshops and Group Learning

2020 Wellness Workshops

  • Your MBTI Fitness Type (Based on Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator)
  • Brain Health and Movement
  • All Pounds are Not Equal - Why Body Composition Matters More than Weight


  • Motivation: Transforming Good Intentions into Well-Ageing Habits
  • Fitness and Menopause: A Celebration of Womanhood and Wisdom
  • The Science of Physical and Spiritual Well-being
  • Thriving in the Prime of Life: Cultivating Holistic Wellness for Life

Post-menopausal Wellness: Diet, Exercise and Body Composition

This video contains excerpts from an educational program presented at the Jupiter Community Center in May of 2017. The discussion covered a scientific study (published by Mary Jansen) to identify controllable diet and exercise variables that could influence measures of post menopausal wellness. Some members of the audience had been study participants.

The study, conducted over an 18-month period ending in January of 2017, gathered data from over 100 pre- and post-menopausal women. After correlating body compositions across more than 200 dietary and exercise variables, four main factors were found predictive of lean & fat tissue after menopause:

  • Amount and intensity of exercise
  • Amount of dietary saturated fat
  • Amount of alcohol consumed, and
  • Number of years since menopause

The Science of Physical and Spiritual Well-being

As we age, aerobic exercise benefits the brain as much as the body, and spiritual exercise - meditation and prayer - benefit the body as much as the spirit. This discussion looks at some of the scientific evidence explaining why, and how. Perhaps more importantly it looks at the most effective strategies for preserving and improving body and brain fitness as we age, and developing an ever more satisfying sense of purpose, clarity and serenity.