Your Fit Life Plan

Your Fit Life Plan...

is a comprehensive, soup to nuts, all-inclusive program that covers every aspect of your plan for health and wellness or an ala carte menu of options to suit your needs.

The JansenFit model considers three major domains of well-living practice: nutrition, movement and restoration. Every cell in your body, every group of cells, from muscles & organs (heart, kidneys) to bodily systems (respiration, immune) to your entire being (body, mind and spirit) requires nutrition to provide both energy and the building blocks from which to replenish bones, muscles, hormones, and other substances and structures.

Every part of your body and mind needs movement (physical and mental activity and exercise) to remain fit, sharp and functional; even your spiritual musculature requires its own form of nutrition and movement to inspire purpose, motivation and vitality.

Last but certainly not least, from the single muscle fiber cell to the entirety of who you are, you require reliable, routine restoration periods to enable your best life, every day.

Your need may be to work with JansenFit on just one aspect of one domain of your Fit Life Plan, or you may opt for a comprehensive plan for one entire domain of wellness (movement, nutrition or restoration). Most of us have certain aspects of each domain on which to focus change. Perhaps you have a particular outcome you would like to achieve - higher energy, for example. This one goal is served by plans -  strategic change plans - in all three domains of wellness. Specific nutrition strategies will support more effective physical and mental activity, making one more receptive to easy and complete rest and restoration, and that, in turn, supports greater energy for the next day, and so on. Approached holistically, a downward energy spiral is miraculously transformed into an upward and ascending path to higher energy and life satisfaction!

Getting Started with Your Plan

JansenFit provides confidential fitness and lifestyle assessments, personal exercise training and nutrition plans and support every step of the way - the way you want it. Your JansenFit plan is as inclusive or as specific as you like it to coaching

We'll guide you through a complete personal analysis of your current exercise & nutrition habits, your strength, endurance, and functional skills, as well as your body composition (the relative contributions of lean vs. fat tissue that make up your body) and your rest and recovery/meditation practices. In the process, we'll get to know each other so that we can figure out what is working well in your life and what you would like to change.

Then, we'll talk about strategies for making those changes. And we'll talk goals - short and long term. We'll create a plan that fits you like a glove.

We'll provide you with all the tools you need to succeed. If you need nutrition information to make your best food decisions, we'll provide that. If you need one-on-one fitness training sessions, we'll include those in your plan. If you need motivational or instructional audio/video solutions, we can create those for you, or help you choose from pre-packaged commercial programs. Our customized solution comes in all shapes and sizes depending on your wants, needs, and your budget.

Exercise Program Design


Exercise should be fun, invigorating, challenging, interesting, & did we mention fun? Finding the right program for you is half the battle. Understanding what motivates you, designing your program and providing the support you need all the way – that’s our part. Your part? The right cardio training takes whatever form suits your lifestyle & fitness level. Whatever form you choose – it could be floor, chair, or step aerobics; maybe a running routine is right for you, or maybe a brisk walk is what you prefer. Don’t like to sweat? We’ve got a wonderful aqua aerobics exercise program to keep you fit and keep you cool.

Strength & Balance

Strength or resistance training is important for everyone and the older we get the more urgent our need to protect against muscle loss. Nutrition and exercise work together to replenish our muscle structure which keeps us active, safe and functioning through the best years of our lives. Just as with cardio training, there are multiple options for building & for many of us, re-building, muscle tissue.

With strength training comes balance training. As we age, we lose proprioceptive ability, or balance, and that increases our risk for falls and injury. When we do lose our balance, it takes strength and quick reaction time to avoid injury – a fact that further underscores the importance of strength training and strength maintenance for well-ageing. Balance training can be part of both cardio and strength routines, and when done in contemplative practices such as Tai Chi or Yoga, can be restorative as well.

Strength and balance training can be done at home, as with the use of a platform, body weights, free weights or bands; in the gym, using weights and machines, kettle balls, TRX and other equipment; at the yoga, pilates, barre or tai chi studio; or in the water with creative combinations of flotation and anti-flotation exercises. The options are almost endless!

Aqua Fitness

Aqua strength & balance training is not your grandmother\'s water aerobics! Aqua training technology offers resistance, cardio and balance training opportunities that are rigorous, vigorous, effective and fun. Used by professional and amateur athletes and fitness conscious people of all abilities, it offers joint protection along with the natural challenge of water resistance. Aqua training presents a cool alternative to steamy, land-based workouts. Try it - I think you\'ll like it!