Domains of Wellness Series: Nourishing our Bodies

I call this domain “Nourish”, as opposed to “Food” or “Diet” because of this word’s positive connotations regarding food and diet. We can, and often do, choose foods that fill us but don’t nourish us; some entire diets, although calorie rich, are nutrient poor and result in simultaneous undernourishment and obesity. In fact, one of our most confounding contemporary societal problems lies in the contradiction between the wealth of the country and malnourishment of the […]

Three Domains of Well-Ageing

In a previous JansenFit blog post we discussed how, from a physiological perspective, body, mind and spirit are tri-unified; that is, none of the three exists independently of the other two, and the fact that the physiological mechanisms supporting each individually and all-three together are inextricably intertwined.  In this article, we explore the implications of triunity as it relates to our wellness strategies. The triunity of our health and wellness refers to the fact that […]

Overarching Principles of Well-Ageing

JansenFit’s services are developed out of two principles of well-ageing. These principles are foundational to our discussions on well-ageing, and they come out of the awareness of the contributions we have yet to make. Principle 1: Proactively Cultivating Wellness First is the principle of proactively cultivating wellness. Many of us grew up in a world that managed health through curative or restorative medicine for treating illness or trauma; in other words, if we weren’t sick, […]

Less Body Fat, Not Less Weight, is Smarter Goal for Senior Women

All pounds are not equal! Lean tissue (bones, muscle, water) is roughly 20% denser than fat, meaning that pound for pound, lean tissue takes up less space; and lean muscle tissue is the source of our strength and driver of energy metabolism. Yet when we talk obesity, we almost always measure it by weight. Even body mass index, or BMI, that number your doctor uses to pass judgment on your weight, is blind to the […]

What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

The question I am most often asked is: What’s the difference between coaching and exercise training? so I created a short video to explain the difference. Training, be it exercise, nutrition, or even meditation—is hands-on physical practice for your body and your brain. Coaching recruits your heart and mind to the game. We talk about your goals, your vision, and your values; then we tap into your intrinsic motivation—linking it to your personal and compelling […]