High Intensity Interval Training: a well-ageing strategy for enduring brain health Two key attributes of a healthy brain are good […]

So, by now you know that JansenFit Coaching is built around Body health, Mind health and Spirit Health, each being […]

When it comes to your health and wellness, it’s vital that you and your health care provider are driving towards […]

My sister Karen says, “movement is better than no movement” and she is absolutely right! The best exercise is not […]

Exercising Our Bodies & Our Brains The Body Brain Connection The ideal exercise strategy for well-ageing includes components of strength […]

I call this domain “Nourish”, as opposed to “Food” or “Diet” because of this word’s positive connotations regarding food and […]

In a previous JansenFit blog post we discussed how, from a physiological perspective, body, mind and spirit are tri-unified; that […]

JansenFit’s services are developed out of two principles of well-ageing. These principles are foundational to our discussions on well-ageing, and […]

All pounds are not equal! Lean tissue (bones, muscle, water) is roughly 20% denser than fat, meaning that pound for […]

The question I am most often asked is: What’s the difference between coaching and exercise training? so I created a […]

I am reposting these thought from 2017 in hopes that you might share an answer to the question: “What’s your best […]

This is a page for women and men who share a love for the journey – never missing an opportunity […]