What’s Your Best Fitness Advice?

I am reposting these thought from 2017 in hopes that you might share an answer to the question: “What’s your best fitness advice?” Please post a response below.

The Best Fitness Advice I Ever Followed

I don’t often follow advice. I generally know better. They  seldom have all the facts. If they  had all the facts they  would have recommended this instead of that. Thank goodness, I know better!

So, there may have been some excellent advice told to me over my six plus decades on this earth, most of which I didn’t follow. But of the advice that I did follow, comes a powerful bit of wisdom that I received in 1990, & which still reverberates in my brain at least once or twice a week. It is this: if you don’t feel like exercising, do it for 10 minutes anyway. Just 10 minutes. Know that at the end of 10 minutes you will be done and you will have met your obligation for the day. Ten minutes. That’s all. You can quit now.

You can probably guess how the story goes. Never once, in the 27 years since I committed that advice to memory, have I ever quit at the 10-minute mark. Because for me, what happens is that sometime between minutes 4 and 9, the endorphins kick in. It starts with a bit of a smile.  A few seconds later I notice I’m standing up straighter, marching a little taller, kicking a little higher, bouncing a bit to the music – playing percussion with my feet. Before ever reaching minute 10, I’m singing along with the music. Quit? Hello! This feels great! I’m lovin’ it.

What’s your best fitness advice?

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