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Mary Jansen
M. S., Exercise Science
ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist Wellcoaches Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Hi, I'm Mary Jansen, Health & Wellness Coach

I am a private consultant, trainer, coach, and lifelong student of well-living practices. My formal credentials were earned through Master of Science degree in Exercise Physiology, Health & Wellness Coaching education from  Wellcoaches, the pre-eminent education and accrediting organization in the field of professional coaching, and certifications from the American College of Sports Medicine.

More importantly however, are my street creds: I've learned the hard way, what it takes to get healthy, stay well and thrive! Thirty years of business travel – often on the road 48 weeks of the year – beats the you know what out of body, mind and spirit. Living in hotels for months at a time, eating restaurant & street food, strange (or no) locker rooms or fitness centers, an endless stream of airports, taxis, subways, & trains, made serenity and wellness pretty hard to come by. So when I traded my business consulting road warrior credentials for the comforts of home, I was pretty well worn. It was time for a new episode in this journey. I parked myself back home in South Florida & set out to learn as much as I could about the science of ageing well.

Up until 55, my whole life happened on the road - including, age 45, hip replacement surgery in Heppenheim, Germany. From that experience I learned first-hand the importance of pre-surgical ("prehab") fitness and post-surgical rehab. Still in a hotel, I worked with therapists and wellness advisors, researched exercise and diet practices and created a truly unique program of diet, exercise and spiritual practice, the foundations of which serve me to this day.

I understand how difficult it can be. And I also know, first hand, the miracle of the human body. I am 62 years old, fitter and healthier than at any time since my twenties. I know there is no one size fits all program, and that we can find a program for you.

I am a student of the science of Exercise Physiology, Nutrition, Ageing, and Meditation. Science tells us so much more today about the importance of exercise to the ageing body and the ageing brain, than we knew even 15 years ago. The miraculous human body. Your miraculous human body.

JansenFit is my dream. Join me on this wild & wonderful ride through the best years of our lives.

At Jansenfit...

We envision a vibrant, vital and revered senior population of men & women who share their love & wisdom with all who ask.

It is the JansenFit Mission...

  • to provide health & wellness coaching to women & men with a serious interest in body, mind & spiritual fitness
  • to help people discover their own path to enduring fitness and well-living
  • to help people who may have come to believe in the hopelessness of their state of fitness to find the miracle within

Together, we find the way from hopeless to healthful.