Miraculous You

JansenFit believes in the miracle of you. If you, like me, haven't always made the best choices, the miracle of you is that it is never too late to make the next right choice. Your miracle starts here and it starts now. JansenFit's Holistic Well-Coaching is all about defining and designing the best you there is - the real you -  and making that vision a reality. Your coach partners with you in your journey to enduring health & wellness, sharing your goals, celebrating your achievements and your lessons learned, and honoring the miracle that is you.  JansenFit supports you in all areas of Wellness serving body, mind and spirit.

For those who seek a more traditional form of fitness support, Your Fit Life Plan is a uniquely client-focused instructional, informational and prescriptive service that includes a physical activity plan just for you. (Our favorite is JansenFit-AquaFit, especially for the ageing body, and who among is is not ageing?) The JansenFit difference is that the programs we co-create are designed to work in your life, for whoever you are and are becoming.  Your work, your home-life, your habits and hobbies, passions and play time - your age, your resources, your family life - no two people are just alike. Jansenfit's goal is to provide for you a sustainable wellness strategy, and that means a strategy that works in your life, whose component pieces are exercises and activities you will love doing, food choices you will want to make, nutrition and exercise for the brain and the spirit, and rest and recovery that refreshes and energizes.

Creative Well-Ageing

Through Personal Discovery

Knowing our own strengths, preference patterns, biases and blind spots is essential to making good choices. In the end, it saves us from repeating the same mistakes, failed patterns of behavior, “living up” to something we are not. It’s a way of knowing, in our personal practices and habits, what will work for us and what won’t. Until you understand all aspects of your own self and propensities for behavior, you are likely to proceed along life’s path using the same old behaviors –

−        Getting the same results, and

−        Reinforcing their habitual neural encoding

To know self, and to grow, we must also know others. Behaviors of others which puzzle, annoy, and confound our way of thinking usually correspond to our own blind spots that trip us up and are at the root of frustrations with our own progress. JansenFit’s group coaching MBTI® Workshops are unique opportunities to discover the gifts your own personality type brings to the party, to see anew the gifts that others bring, and to shine the light on blind spots or opportunities. In the end, it is an opportunity to put your Personality Type to work in your well-aging strategy.

Self-discovery in a group setting leads to certain insights, particularly about how we interact with others. For many, personal growth and development is made more powerful with personal counseling/coaching; focused coaching offers greater and deeper, more meaningful and actionable insights for the individual. For that we offer private Health & Wellness Coaching sessions.

It’s About You

Body, mind and spirit – you are one of a kind. JansenFit gets to know who you are – your lifestyle, dreams, personal needs – and together, we create your strategic plan.

  • Prefer group or team classes? If yes, that’s in your plan. Rather work out at home in your twenty-year-old sweats? That's cool too.
  • Hate to cook? Love to cook? Perfect!
  • On the road 45 weeks of the year? No problem; we've been there, & we get it.
  • Time to get off the diet yo-yo? Good for you! We'll set goals that increase lean tissue and reduce fat - creating strong, lean, fat-burning body structures.
Put Your Personality to Work in Creative Well-Ageing
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JansenFit Well-Coaching Addresses Your Concerns

  • Nutrition
    • Physical Fitness
    • Aerobic Fitness, Endurance & Energy
    • Strength, Flexibility & Balance
  • Health Risk Factors:
    • Smoking Cessation
    • Stress/Hypertension
    • Body Composition
    • Energy, Stamina & Weight


  • Well-Ageing
    • Bone Density & Muscle Maintenance
    • Brain Health
    • Balance, Reaction Time
    • Memory
    • Sleep & Restoration
  • Well-being & Purpose
    • MBTI® Workshops & Private Counseling
    • Mindfulness & Meditation
    • Mental & Emotional Fitness

Choose Your Miracle

Life is a series of choices, made better with better information. Choose your miracle. With JansenFit, you will have access to the most professional of resources - industry certified consultants with advanced degrees in their fields & years of experience.